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Latest News

  • 'Responsible' most overused word of 2013
    Have you used the word responsible to describe yourself on your Linkedin profile? So have millions of others according to a new report by LinkedIn. The networking site has trawled through the 259 mill...
  • Using the telephone makes workers ‘nervous’
    A survey of 2,500 office workers revealed the popularity of email with 94% saying that they prefer email to speaking on the telephone. More than a quarter (28%) of all employees said that telephone co...
  • Anyone can be Superman with Wi-Fi X-ray vision
    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory are working on a new ways to utilise Wi-Fi that will allow anyone to have X-ray vision.
  • The new commute: a floating tube at the speed of sound?
    Paypal Founder unveils plans for near-supersonic “Hyperloop”. The plan floated by the Entrepreneur Elon Musk would link Los Angeles and San Francisco in 30 minutes. The same journey takes one by hour ...
  • Lawyers at top firm told to be punctual or else
    An email from a British partner at an international law firm that demanded top lawyers in his Shanghai office be punctual has gone viral after the email was leaked to a legal blog.
  • Conservatives to push for abolition of retirement age?
    The Conservative Party could plan for the end of "a single retirement age" in its manifesto for the 2015 general election, says a report in this week’s Sunday Telegraph (Sunday 6 January 2013).

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