Front End Developer (Ref: 130920)

Candidate No. 130920

Location: Wembley

Salary Requirements: £30,000 - £40,000

Type: Contract and Permanent roles

Short description of Experience

Responsible for helping to lead the development of two key WPF software products used to control the playout of live TV channels. Initiated and implemented a schema change to the DB in order to improve performance and maintainability. Migrated the DB from SQL2008 Express to SQL2012 professional in order to provide redundancy and started a review of product architecture. Implemented a product licensing system that now ships as standard for all products. Re-wrote search functionality to use full text searching, improve performance  and relevancy of results. Currently integrating the product with Adobe After Effects so that graphics can be generated by it’s rendering engine. Also taken an active role in improving the development process, by introducing a continuous integration system, unit testing and the Resharper developer tool.

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